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Who Are We

Ashcorp is a global group that is the leading fashion retail company in Africa, with over 100 internationally coveted designer brands via and we are dedicated to fostering the development of a suite of socially conscious and impactful minority led brands via YAART PROJECT.

  • Some of our brands include Ashluxe, Plus234Labs and Vertical rave.
  • Our Design Ethos is: Exploring native aesthetics through the lens of aspiration, tailoring, streetwear, sportswear and lifestyle in a contemporary sense.
  • Founded in 2017 by Yinka Ash, Ashcorp operates branches in Lagos and London.

About YAART Incubation

  •  Impact beyond education – we are dedicated to bridging the gap between the arts and industry creating opportunities, inspiring resilience, innovation, and a sense of purpose.


  • In a world that increasingly values innovation, originality and talent, we recognize the importance of nurturing the creative spark in young individuals which is why we inspire and empower today’s youth by providing them with the essential tools, academic support and mentorship programs needed to hone their creativity into a sustainable livelihood.


Head of Business Development & Marketing
Temilayo Osude
Head of Commercial & Supply Chain
Timileyin Tikolo
Head,  e-Commerce Operations & Customer Service
Adebola Ukaiwe
Founder & Managing Director Ashcorp
Yinka Ash

YAART Curriculum  and Offering

The YAART program is designed to have creatives incubated into our ecosystem. Upon activation with a select university, we recruit students into a group where we offer the following to them for a designated period of 3 months before a graduation ceremony is held.

  • Incubation into the YAART Community.
  • Bi-monthly classes as it relates to fashion, research and tech for a duration of 3 months anchored by seasoned AshCorp Staff.
  • Incentives for best performing students.
  • A YAART Inner Circle for the best performing students who have access to Day Excursions at the Ashluxury HQ, Internship Opportunities.
  • Pitch-a-thon contest open to all community members.
  • Incentives for pitch-a-thon winners.

Our Community.

Years in Operation
Universities activated
Paid Interns

Caleb University. Activation

Babcock University. Activation

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